When do we start feeling at home in the world? How to develop a sense of community? How families and parenting became such an isolating experience? Temporary communities are born from our desire to belong, from that longing for a group that support us and share common interests.

From: Fluid Ecologies (Vassar College)


We are living in a large, cosmopolitan city where people co-exists, walking cautiously by each other side.  Our different idiosyncrasies create distance; and sometimes, our cultures and languages bring us together into temporary communities and gatherings.

Our community is elusive, as it appears and disappears in different locations of the infinite city. In one occasion we visited a very small island where some people met and children played per hours, however other people could not find each other and walked in concentric circles without seeing each other. Then our group became illusory, never real.  



exploration: legs

I make objects (somehow from the distance: through observation, imagination, and markmaking)

A. experience the moment (totally present, becoming artist, model, and image herself)


It's necessary to make visible our labor in all possible ways;  
I document our life through images and words.

Food, readings, home, nature, mark-making, travels, and our desire to find meaning in our existence.


wandering the streets of the neighborhood; hoping to find an affable gaze.
it was not enough to inhabit the same space; it was necessary to share a visual culture