In the work, Boats and Bags (2011,) dozens of tiny folded paper boats are arranged inside a handmade silk bag. Here, the translucent nature of the silk suggests the imagery and consequently from the distance the paper boats become indistinguishable. Coming closer to the work and gazing through a small space, the eye can clearly determine the content of the bag.
This work concerns the nature of multiple identities in an age of mobility with the symbolic use of miniature paper boats, each one a functional floating device and a reminder of island exodus and movement. By exploring narratives of mobility, my work inhabits a space between two locations.


a person who has no fixed home,
a person who moves from place to place
with no fixed residence


I walked three hours in honor of my mother, who lost her right to walk when the roads without sidewalks became too wide, yet, today, she continues walking, contesting having more choices and modes of transportation.  Walking is the simplest and most sustainable form of moving, yet our society continues promoting private forms of transportation that take over our public spaces and transform our right to walk as a privilege of cities with good infrastructure and manicured parks. I do believe in walking and I advocate for walkable cities.