After the Island

The island was never a tropical paradise, at least while I was there. Rather than feeling in an ideal community, I felt far away from other places and suffocated by water. It was years later, from the distance of an American city, that the island transformed into utopia. From the nostalgia of the exile, the island became a paradise of sunny beaches, enchanted rain forests, and dreamy colonial cities. From the myopia of sporadic, short visits the island became perfect, intense, and fragrant. I was happy in my visits to the island, therefore the island was synonymous for happiness. From the darkness and frigid winters of the modern city, the island became warmer, romanticized, idealized- image, subject- object island of nostalgia.


Canciones Isleñas: Un Repertorio Global
(Island Songs: A Global Repertoire)

Canciones Isleñas: Un Repertorio Global es una colección de ensayos sobre sobre islas, canciones y cantantes del mundo. Los primeros tres capítulos se concentran en islas del Caribe. Mi contribución, El Caribe Hispano: Identidades Liquidas (Spanish Caribbean: Liquid Identities) es sobre el Caribe de habla hispana, principalmente Puerto Rico, donde muchas canciones exploran temas de identidad y localidad, además de representar historias de movilidad y migración. Otras islas incluidas en este libro de estudios isleños, lo son: Papúa Nueva Guinea, Fiji, Islas Baleares, Creta y Sicilia, entre otras.


2011. Soft Materials. Light Works.

Materials have a history and in this series of recent work I use materials that tell about life. By using clothing, gauze, tea bags, hair, thread, and recycled paper, among other soft materials I explore ideas about time, mobility, and distance.