(Sound art, 2010) A piece investigating issues of mobility and relational aesthetics. It documents and explores the processes of connectiveness and transnationality. How people develop commonalities and a distinct language when relating to each other?


We have to search for common threads.
We must find points of connection.
We must find the places we have inhabited in different times:
a city, a language, a moment that link us together.
I was in Barcelona.
What were you doing in Barcelona?
In Barcelona the place, the memory, the image, the moment, or the idea of the European city?
Did you walk the streets?


Extraño el sol, el agua, los colores, las caminatas largas, la naturaleza, perder el tiempo, encontrar algo nuevo, mirar, el Caribe, el Mediterraneo


Were you ever in the island?

Which island?
The floating island.
I was there, in the island. I was also here, in the city.