As we transplant ourselves to new places, we become hybrids and we contribute in the creation of mixed societies. I comment on this state of flux by working with radically different media, blurring the borderlines of art categories from painting and collage, to sewing and craft, to writing and digital art. While traditional or high art medium are respected for their permanence, I am interested in the liberating qualities of working with transitory and humble materials. These hybrid works make reference to the use of materials that are considered unauthentic and ephemeral, being associated with specifics of gender, social class, and ethnicity; therefore confronting established hierarchies and art canons. Materials have a history and I utilize materials that tell about time and distance. For instance, used cloth, paper and hair are integral part of my visual and tactile vocabulary.

(recent works, 2011)
Throughout history, people travel to different countries and more heterogeneous cities in search of opportunities and experiences. The phenomenon of the artist in exile for economical or artistic reasons is part of past and contemporary societies. Regarding relocation, émigré artist and scholar, Rasheed Araeen has stated that it would be a mistake to emphasize only the socio- political determinants of migration and not to fully understand the actual aims of individual artists who have left their country of origins to fulfill their artistic ambitions abroad (2009.) I want to contextualize my artistic practice within this territory, without ignoring the historical narrative of the island. I belong to a wave of students who moved to New York independently in the 1990s to advance our education and passion for the arts. Perhaps, we moved to New York attracted to a location that offered proximity to the island and also influenced by the comings and goings that are central in our experience. In addition, we traveled to New York fascinated by top art programs, world renowned museums and celebrated artistic neighborhoods. Mobility is a transformative experience, which has modified my everyday life and artwork.