Food and art

I want to transmit a love for the food I cook and love; and also for the new ones we encounter when we travel. I wondered how to instill a love for food and I choose to think about food and art in similar ways.

Exploration: (food) color


peas, rice, beet, cinnamon, corn, edamame, sweet potatoes, apple


Marcas: el desarrollo de la linea envuelve destrezas motrices y habilidad intelectual.


Los idiomas están relacionados a culturas e historias que son parte de nuestra identidad. Cuando tememos confusión lingüística, también tememos confusión social o cultural- el no ser hábiles en el "código doble" del que tanto se ha escrito en la literatura de culturas en movimiento, el pertenecer mas a un lugar que al otro.


soon after the first marks, she made her first prints

(age: 14 months old)


(Age: 13 months old)

In my year without traveling overseas  I studied the development of lines.



By art experiences, I imagined sensory explorations, including playing with food and going to  museums- a place where art and life meet


In my year without traveling overseas I walked and cooked, and walked and cooked for Aria every day


In my year without traveling overseas I considered the possibility of creating an art curriculum for babies and toddlers; nevertheless what is an art experience?


Age: 13 months

En mi año sin viajar al extranjero noté cosas que no me hubieran llamado la atención en el pasado. Descubrí que algunos museos no admitían niños pequeños y comencé a pensar en las relaciones  infancia, educación, arte y cultura. ?Cómo integrar a los infantes en nuestra vida artística y cultural?

No se admiten niños menores de diez años
No se admiten niños menores de diez años
No se admiten niños menores de diez años
No se admiten niños menores de diez años


In my year without traveling overseas I walked randomly in search of objects


TIEMPO: Los horarios nos persiguen. Los horarios hacen que recordemos que hicimos con el tiempo. Aria siempre tuvo horarios consistentes: hora de la botella, hora de cambiar el pañal, hora de dormir, hora del baño, hora la música, hora de las burbujas, hora de la lectura, hora de cantar, hora del movimiento, hora de salir a caminar...


Íbamos a museos a menudo

Carcajadas y gruñidos

Se reía a carcajadas
y practicaba risas

y practicaba sonidos y gruñidos 


first drawings/ primeros dibujos

oil pastel, paper

(baby age: 13 months)


When I was four years old, my family moved to another place. My memories of that year are full of new and joyful experiences, people and places. I attended a new school, lived in a new house, ate different food, learned to read and write, and add and subtract in a short period. We all have transformative moments in our live; shifts in consciousness that help us see the world in a different way; that was one of those times in my life.

Not everything was enjoyable though, as I also experienced some family tragedies and the first sense of loss I can remember. Yet, I learned that we deserve to live life on our own terms and explore the world, acknowledging the frugality of our existence. It is possible that moving and traveling would create a sense of alienation and a sense of loss of community; but the knowledge and consciousness that you obtain derived from living in other ways, will forever be with you.