then the community had to be temporary and changing

and what a better place to create community? 
a spontaneous encounter in a local playground, a square, or a gathering in a café



 How to reconcile ideas on traveling and community?

On exploring questions of community and belonging: How to be more comfortable in a space?

 How to be connected with a place?

How to reinvent notions of community?

While traveling in Spain she said: I am going to draw myself.

So, she draw her first self-portrait with legs. (3.7 years old)


One can question the meaning of community by exploring the people surrounding us and the spaces we have inhabited in the company of others


As a traveler, I sometimes lack of connection to a specific land or people. I urgently had to re-created a community or the mirage of one.


the need to combine studio art, the city cultural life, long walks in nature, food and travel with family life was sometimes difficult; nevertheless sometimes emerged organically.

While missing the artists' community, the community of  neighboring families was a new experience


there is something sublime about encounters, gatherings, and temporary groups of people

the temporary community elevated daily life routines,
transforming them into exceptional activities


On reflections on temporary communities we can explore issues of the disingenuous and the hypocritical nature of virtual and impermanent groups. Yet, for us, it was authentic and necessary.


The temporary community was local; but it was also virtual, as we spent many hours sharing our common interests and trying to arrange play-dates over the Internet.


Our small community was intrinsically connected by our labor, our schedules, our children behavior and interests. In essence our daily life was similar.


community: a group of people having a particular characteristic in common; indeed we were trying to connect to escape the isolation of motherhood


The new community was fluid and changing as some families will arrive while others will leave.

In a metaphorical sense, our community was not a defined group of people; it did not have boundaries and it was continuously moving. It was open; almost without contours. It was nomadic, and it was different each time.


the new community was intentional, temporary, impermanent; therefore a liquid community

la nueva comunidad era intencional, temporera e inpermanente; por consiguiente era una comunidad liquida