Today, I am thinking about the many languages of children and also about the many ways how we learn to draw..."graphic representation is a process of selecting from our visual and non visual knowledge significant features of objects and making a match between these and the visual-graphic properties of the materials we are working with" (from Experience and art, N.R. Smith.)

Paseos de otoƱo/ Fall walks


(3 years old)

What I have to tell is not a remarkable story as I have noticed many children much more interested in drawing than my daughter, who loves running and jumping, talking, and imaginative play. Nevertheless, I have also seen many children's marks transforming quickly into repetitive and identical images; and many children who persist into drawing, soon imitating coloring books and cartoons as their figurative models. Consequently, we make mark making and art part of our family life. Meaning cannot be constructed and implanted by others, but quite often this is what happens in prescribed education and culture. Therefore, I suggest the intersection between family life, the arts, food, nature, and education; the embracement of image-making and all other subjects in the most organic manner it can be introduced: what about just making it part of daily life? 

(3 years old)