Jugar, dibujar, cocinar, caminar, ir a museos y sacar fotos son mis actividades favoritas.

El juego imaginario es parte de nuestro diario vivir, al igual que dibujar y escribir.
Para inventar juegos nuevos utilizamos materiales encontrados y una diversidad de objetos.
Siempre tenemos papel al alcance.

 Con la cocina siempre he tenido dualidades, amo la comida pero no siempre tengo ganas de cocinar, de todas maneras cuando cocino lo disfruto mucho.

 Pasear, ir de caminatas y explorar la naturaleza nos trae mucha alegría.
 Ir de museos nutre nuestra creatividad y aprendizaje.
 Sacar fotos es  mi manera de documentar y afirmar la vida.
Este blog es mi libreta de anotaciones y borrones. Aqui documento nuestros paseos por la vida. 


first observational drawing after a nature walk (Fall)
(3.2 years old)


It's always about the touch
the eye
the surface
the color and form

It's always about the hand and the child


What could we do today? Each day starts with a conversation after breakfast on what we would like to do that day. We do not have too many fixed plans. There are possibilities and invitations to play, many of them! For us, food, objects, and nature are spaces of exploration.  We are here; open to embrace how the day will unfold; so, what we’ll do today? After exploring the possibility of playing in the park we decided to stay in the house during the morning and later we could go out for lunch. 

It is Fall. Some days we feel lazy and cold.

My mother sent us handmade slippers and we decided to wear them

We created a little house with found materials, some collected in the park the day before

 We painted using three colors.

 We went to a Japanese restaurant and we had miso soup with wakame and tofu.

We got a pair of chopsticks for kids.

We listened to some  Japanese Music.

We imagined our future trip to Asia.

We went back home to take a nap!