Exploraciones en Rojo

1. Coleccionamos cosas rojas
2. Construimos con bloques rojos
3. Dibujamos en papel rojo con materiales rojos
4. Hablamos de cosas rojas
5. Hacemos un collage rojo
6. Vemos obras de arte: esculturas, instalaciones, pinturas, etc
7. Leemos un libro de colores
8. Buscamos cosas rojas en la naturaleza
9. Jugamos con una pelota roja
10. Comemos una fruta roja
11. Tomamos te rojo, lo vertimos sobre una superficie y tocamos el líquido
12. Inventamos una canción o rima sobre el rojo



You are walking in an unfamiliar place - everything is so beautiful but so unknown- nature is at its best, weather is turning colder than you thought - and you do not know anyone other than your partner of many years and your 24 month old daughter - and yourself.

Suddenly, you see them. They are so familiar. They are almost yourselves. Another couple with a toddler hiking. They are almost your age; a little too old to parent, a little too unique; too familiar.

They make a pit stop in the forest. You stop. The encounter is inevitable. She tells you their story; you look at each other in the eyes feeling that you know her and that she is disclosing a little too much; as you do and then you realize you must walk away in different directions never to be reunited again and knowing that someplace in the world others live your own story.

Denver Art Museum: Best (Children/Adult) Art Space 2014