Boceto para un proyecto sobre islas y mares.

Escribiremos nuestra historia. Hablaremos de los lugares de donde hemos venido y tambien de como nos encontramos. Sera una narrativa acerca de mares y tierras. Usaremos palabras, imagenes y sonidos.


Even though, I was very familiar with Twentieth century Puerto Rican discourses of migration, national identity, and colonialism, I felt very uneasy about the persistent separation between the here and there and the sudden realization that I had become part of the Puerto Rican Diaspora...



My studio practice explores the human condition in relationship to contemporary times. By investigating issues on circular migration, my work provides an examination on topics concerning the nature of neo- colonialism. Some of my imagery is rooted in travel and migration, while other images are connected with islands and the subjects that inhabit them. In my work, islands are metaphors for communities that are continuously evolving, as islands carry rich histories of migration. By combining historical research and personal narratives, as they relate with the concern of mobility and transnationalism, I investigate how people moving between different geographical areas is part of contemporary discourses...