Thoughts about collaboration

To collaborate is to work together in an intellectual effort. It is different to inviting someone to participate in an already established platform. It allows for flexibility and negotiation between the participants.

There are still questions about how people can collaborate on a project... hence, this brings up the inability of the viewer in finding a space in the work of art -object, event, video, etc.- It raises the issue whether a "passive" participation can be considered collaboration at all.

There maybe an expectation, from the artist or cultural practitioner, about how people should engage with the work or work-platform. This points out to separation, distance, and misunderstanding, indeed to the impossibility of collaboration in art.


Ideas of social networks are being reinvented to be less local, more global. This kind of environments allow you to be in touch with an infinite number of people. Virtual communities are creative, extremely artistic, full of people that can exist or are impersonations of intellectuals, art practitioners, cultural workers, travelers, voracious readers and visual beings. They are active, imaginative, global, HOT, accomplished, popular, and they are building new forms of social relationships. Virtual and other forms of transnational communities are changing the way in which we relate to each other, consequently transforming culture.