what a wonderful world!

Day Zero:
  1. anticipation
  2. nothingness
  3. packing essentials
  4. news and weather
  5. clean and organize
  6. read/ research
  7. get snacks
  8. home cooking
  9. water plants
  10.  print schedules and notes


En agosto de 2001, participé en una residencia internacional de artistas y en mi viaje de regreso reflexioné en la necesidad de crear modelos nuevos. Once días después de mi regreso a la ciudad, un evento histórico transcurrió paralizando el país y dejando cicatrices en la conciencia de sus ciudadanos. Como resultado me tomó más de dos años volver a volar.

{time away}



In 2010, The New York Magazine declared Bay Ridge one of the most livable neighborhoods in New York City; occupying the 12th position in their top 50 most satisfying places to live. I was very pleased with the high ranking Bay Ridge received on the list regarding housing cost, schools, safety, diversity, and health and environment; however, our neighborhood's creative capital ranked very low. As a visual artist, I want to collaborate in increasing the creative capital and the resources available to sustain and expand the arts in our neighborhood, as creativity exists in our area, but it needs to be recognized, promoted, and integrated into our community.

Brooklyn Museum has organized, Go, an Open Studio event where more than 1,800 artists will open their studios to the community for only two days on September 8th and 9th, 2012, from 11am to 7 pm. After visiting at least five studios, community members registered as voters will nominate artists for inclusion in a group exhibition to open at the Brooklyn Museum in December 2012.  With only ten registered artists in the neighborhood, Bay Ridge artists have little chance to be selected for the Museum exhibition and it will take a lot of community involvement to make this possible. I am inviting you to be part of this event: visit each and everyone of the registered Bay Ridge artists and help us spread the word. If we are not chosen to participate in the show, at least we will connect with our neighbors as  visual artists, and by doing so we will help create creative capital in our community.

Thank You,

Soraya Marcano



In my work, I explore ideas about time, mobility, and distance. As we transplant ourselves to new places, we become hybrids. I comment on this state of flux by working with radically different media, blurring the borderlines of art categories from painting and collage, to sewing, to writing and digital art.