Volcan Poas, 2001.

I woke up at 5:oo am. I got ready and after several buses and a walk I was ... in front of another Volcano, right in front of a Crater, the larger crater, the one that seems like Mars and it has a turquoises lagoon inside- one of sulfur: unreal, fantastic, surreal. It was a landscape from another planet, an active crater, full of gases, minerals, rocks and lava.

I am satisfied; I must confess; I cried in front of the crater.


Anonymous said…
I checked out your blog...nice...especially the turquoise water in the volcano crater (it reminded me of a program I saw on tv about a lake that was on a volcano and how dangerous it can be...the sulfur gas from the volcano can build up in the water and can either explode or be released silently and kill the wildlife, etc.).

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