Wednesday. 2006. Breakfast. I went early to the farmers market in Union Square. I wondered around fresh apples, apricots and nectarines; vendors, costumers, the autumnal gentle air and myself. I felt lazy, lazy and happy. I got something sweet and I felt like having a strong black coffee, but instead I went to a nearby juice bar for a mango-pineapple blend.

Today, I love the city; today I do not miss the tropic. I walk and walk, and the only thing that is bothering me is that today, I do not feel like making art anymore.


Espejo Roto said…
You don't make art. Art is inside you, around you. Art is a way of life, you don't have to pretend you are an artist, you just have to let it happen.

The moment that you feel that you have to make art is the instant when you kill an artist.

So just live and let creation become one with yoursef and be happy and remember...
such is life in the tropics!!

Culebra and El Yunque are waiting for you.
Anonymous said…
te diré mi nombre durante el tiempo.ok :D


te quisiera conocer pronto. :D
yo sé que eres artista y poeta porque Papi me lo dijo.
que tal si tratamos de hablar más continuamente para conocernos más.

hasta pronto,Espejita Rota - 9 años
Soraya Marcano said…
j.s.c- I understand your reflections about art, they are very profound; however we must recognize- art is about making objects (and images)... (do you still have the gallery?)

D: thanks for visiting my blog. you may be too young to be a blogger- cuidado, que esto es un foro publico y todos pueden leerte! Dime, eres poeta como tu papi?
Espejo Roto said…
There is another way to put it, that is, when you NEED to express your art.
What gallery?

hola soy Espejita Rota: Siempre Papi está conmigo cuando escribo.

si,pero nada más he escrito un poema y gané tercer lugar en un certamen de poesía! Estoy en cuarto grado.

hasta pronto! :D
Daniel Montoya said…
I hear what you say about not wanting to make Art. Art like life is a work in progress. Taking time between projects allows you to regenerate ideas and take a step back.

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