I know about an island floating over the crater of an underwater volcano. This island is an organic entity that change, move and which contours are never defined. The island exported half of its population and its inhabitants decided to explore alternative forms of interaction in order to avoid the imminent disintegration of their sense of community. The island was not a geographical location, but the people that inhabited it in their dreams or in their daily life, and that were linked to similar experiences, ideas and approaches. People were part of the island, even if they did not occupy a concrete space in the island and only inhabited the imaginary island. As a big amount of the island population dispersed around different geographical locations, a form of cultural nomadism was experienced. The sense of the collective became abstract, ideas of culture and community found a way to exist without being bound to place, but to an imaginary of the territory. Community was not about existing in the island, but it was about the idea of the island as a body of people that moves, yet are linked to the utopia of an island.


oceano said…
Interesante blog. Tiene una imágenes muy bellas.
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