In this laptop presentation of text, image and sound, I provide a historical, geographical, and cultural context for my work. As part of the presentation, I will also display fliers, postcards, questionnaires, and a brochure.

Island is a presentation that explores the Puerto Rican condition in relationship to contemporary times. By exploring issues of transnationalism and circular migration
this artwork, provides an exploration on topics concerning the nature of neo-colonialism. Some of the imagery is rooted in travel and migration; while other images are connected with islands and the subjects that inhabit them. In this work, islands are metaphors for communities that are continuously evolving, as islands carry rich histories of migration. By combining historical research and personal narratives, as they relate with the concern of mobility and transnationalism, I investigate how families moving between different geographical areas is part of the Puerto Rican condition and how this contributes to a transnational discourse.

Islands will be presented in ARTexchange at the 2009 College Art Association Annual Conference in Los Angeles. ARTexchange is an annual event that provides a forum for artists working in all media to share their work with peers and with other conference attendees.


nicolececilia said…
weee LA! date el salto a mexicooo! yo acá ando dibujando un tarot.

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