December 25, 2009. A Facebook Performance. Friday- 10:00 - 11 :00 a.m.
From: Conversation in the Thai- cafe of Third

Soraya Marcano- We went to a Thai Restaurant around the neighborhood and over lunch we had wine and we talked about many things: I have been thinking about the digital archive, I said.

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Daniel Montoya- About the code and the era of information?

Soraya Marcano- organizing and codifying culture and life

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Daniel Montoya- today the archive is a back-up of a back-up

Soraya Marcano- the institution can also act as a back-up of a back-up, however it is also a control or authority agent

Daniel Montoya- the institution centralizes information

Soraya Marcano- the institution as a mode of preserving information is not useful any longer in our millennium

Daniel Montoya- we have more choices, it is about multiplicity of choices, the institution as archive is no longer functional

Soraya Marcano- it is more like a mortuary, a cemetery where information is buried; it is not diversified

Daniel Montoya- the solution is about diversifying information, not about controlling information; relinquishing control

Rejin Leys- Are we talking about museums? I know there are some trying to come up with innovative ways to have the public interact with objects and generate information and experiences, but change if difficult for most large institutions. (Happy holidays to you both!)

Soraya Marcano- hi Rejin, happy holidays. yes we are indeed talking about museums. follow the thoughts.

Soraya Marcano- when you diversify you share, relinquishing control is necessary; it can be accessed in many ways, yet I do not agree into concepts of sharing information

Daniel Montoya- why?

Soraya Marcano- it is not about sharing, it is about something else

Daniel Montoya- it is about how do you organize your life work while relinquishing control

Soraya Marcano- giving access is not the same than sharing; still, fragmentation is a problem

Daniel Montoya- search engines are acting as the organizer of the fragments,Tagging as strategy

Soraya Marcano- Keywords as unifier

Daniel Montoya- yet,search results using these strategies can result in unrelated information

Soraya Marcano- the problem of the unrelated could be interesting

Daniel Montoya- how do you filter search results?

Soraya Marcano- the speed of our times, the hyperactivity; how to define our times?

Daniel Montoya- sharing

Soraya Marcano- I already told you, I have an issue with that word; sharing information is not the right concept

Daniel Montoya-it is about accessibility

Soraya Marcano- The intent is not to share; the intend is to gain visibility

Daniel Montoya- yes, it is about finding space

Soraya Marcano- it is about positioning you practice it is after all about finding your audience and your place in the art world

Daniel Montoya it is after all about attention and dissemination of information

Soraya Marcano- yet the problem of the unrelated can make you invisible in our times, the archive is turning into something very complex

Daniel Montoya- maybe after all the institution is the unifying agent

Soraya Marcano- Did you hear about the New Museum scandal?

Daniel Montoya- Should we talk about nepotism?

Soraya Marcano- what is nepotism?

Daniel Montoya- the idea that you love and favor your "nephew"

Soraya Marcano the art world as a small group of people that are friends and lovers and they also make business together

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Daniel Montoya- The check, please!


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