Invitations to explore: 

 1- a walk
Spring is  here and we saw beautiful magnolias in our morning walk.

2- the environment
a simple setting is always inspiring

 3- the tools
 A magnifying glass help us to see the world in different ways

4. time and freedom to explore
Jumping, hiding and dancing feels good!


Daniel Montoya said…
I love how the visual of the flower echos the shape of Aria playing with the sarong - i see an illustrated book in the making of all these projects and creative experiences!! The macro detail of the magnolia is awesome. Yes amazing when you look at things up close. One day when appropriate perhaps we can consider a microscope :)
Soraya Marcano said…
It is very surprising to see how the visual unfold organically, there is really not much planning involved. This is how our life and art merge.
mi Leon said…
You said it perfectly...organically, life-art merge. It's unavoidable!

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